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Image of radiating antenna This page is frequently updated.  This version is dated 22 May 2006.
Maintained by L. E. Miller (LMiller at nist dot gov)

On this webpage we provide a selected bibliography related to wireless ad hoc networks.   Citations and links external to NIST do not imply endorsement of any particular product, service, organization, company, information provider, or content, nor is this by any means an exhaustive list of useful references.


Recommended Reading for people new to the field
Ad Hoc Networking
Blocking and Queueing
Connectivity and Reliability
Cross-layer Concepts
Geometric Probability, Math
Graph Theory and Topology
Localization and Location-Based Services
MAC Layer Issues and Analysis
Misc. Papers and Articles
Modeling and Simulation
Multihop Wireless, Mesh, & Packet Radio

  Physical Layer & Power Control
Public Safety
Quality of Service
Technical Reports
Wireless Security
Self Organization and Clustering
Sensor Networks
Test and Measurement
Ultra Wideband Wireless
WCTG Documents
Wireless & RF Engineering
Wireless PANs, LANs, and MANs
Wireless propagation bibliography

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 Recommended Reading for People Who Are New to the Field

 Ad Hoc Networking (see also Multihop)  Addressing  Blocking and Queueing  Coexistence  Connectivity and Reliability (See also Topology, Multihop.)  Cross-layer Concepts (See also MAC, PHY)   NATO workshop  Geometric Probability, Math  Graph Theory and Topology (See also Ad Hoc, Multihop, Connectivity.)  Localization and Location-Based Services  MAC Layer Issues and Analysis (See also WLANs & PANs)  Miscellaneous Papers and Articles  Modeling and Simulation
See the special issues of IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications on computer-aided modeling, analysis, and design of communication networks (Jan. 1984, Jan. 1988, Dec. 1990, Jan. 1991, May 1997).
 Multihop Wireless, Mesh, and Packet Radio  Physical Layer and Power Control  See channel coding theory bibliography.  Public Safety  See also our public safety communications bibliography  Quality of Service (QoS)  RFID  Technical Reports  Wireless Security See this bibliography  Self Organization and Clustering  Sensor Networks See also the sensor networks bibliographies at USC and Rutgers  Test and Measurement  Ultra Wideband Wireless  WCTG Documents  Wireless & RF Engineering  Wireless PANs, LANs, and MANs (See also MAC and PHY)  
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