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Image of radiating antenna Page frequently updated.  This version is dated 26 May 2006.
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On this webpage we provide a selection of web links that are all related in some way to wireless ad hoc networking. These links are external to NIST and do not imply endorsement of any particular product, service, organization, company, information provider, or content, nor is it by any means an exhaustive list of useful pointers. The various links are grouped topically. Within a topic, the listing is alphabetical.

If you find that a link has become obsolete, or if you have a good suggestion for a link, please let us know by email.

Wireless Ad Hoc Networks homepage
  Academic, Industrial Research Centers & Consortia
Ad Hoc and Mesh Wireless Networks
Antennas, Cables, and Repeaters
Associations and Interest Groups
Bibliographies and Reference Material
Bluetooth, Zigbee, other WPANs
Calls for Papers
Government and Regulation
GPS, localization, and E-911
Home Networking
Industrial Wireless Applications
Issues and Commentary, Miscellaneous
Localization and Location Based Services
News, Books, etc.
Public Safety
RFID and Asset Tracking
Sensors & Clusters
Standards & Test Organizations
Ultra Wideband Wireless
Wireless Data
Wireless LANs
Wireless Security
Wireless Technology

Self-Organizing Sensor Networks project at Auburn [added 10/22/04]
Wireless Engineering Research and Education Center at Auburn
Australian CRC for Sensor Signal and Information Processing [added 10/22/04]
Berkeley Wireless Research Center
Wireless Embedded Systems (WEBS) at Berkeley [added 10/22/04]
U. Cantabria Systems, Antennas, and Radiopropagation Engineering Group [added 2/4/05]
Carnegie Mellon/Rice Monarch Project
RF distribution in HVAC ducts --Research at CMU [added 7/19/04]
Caution Plus project [added 3/28/05]
CIEAM (CRC Integrated Engineering Asset Management) [added 10/22/04]
Wireless Systems Research Laboratory, U. Cincinnati
Wireless Communications and Networks program at Clemson
Pervasive Computing Lab at U. Colorado, Boulder (offering free DSR implementation software)
Columbia's INSIGNIA system
ConsortiumInfo [added 2/3/04]
MagnetOS ad hoc and sensor networking project at Cornell [added 10/22/04]
Cornell's Wireless Networks Laboratory [updated 10/14/04]
Dartmouth --Artemis ad hoc networking project [added 8/19/04]
Digital Gangetic Plains Project [added 8/4/04]
Electric Power Research Institute [added 12/10/03]
Silicon Microwave Integrated Circuits and Systems Research Group at U. Florida [added 7/22/04]
George Mason's Communications and Networking Lab
Home of 21st Century project at George Washington U.
Pods project at U. Hawaii
Cooltown Project at HP Labs [added 2/10/05]
U. Idaho Decentralized control of autonomous underwater vehicles project [added 10/18/04]
U. Illinois Wireless Networking Group [added 3/28/05]
CK Toh/UCal Irvine/Hong Kong U
U Kansas Rapidly Deployable Radio Network
U. College London Mobile Systems Interest Group [added 5/21/04]
Wireless Integrated Network Sensors project at UCLA [added 10/22/04]
NSF Sensors and Sensor Networks program [added 10/22/04]
School of Surveying and Spatial Information Systems at UNSW [added 6/23/05]
Mobile Computing Papers Collection at NTHU
Future Radio Access project at Oulu Univ.
Rice University Monarch Project
Rutgers' WINLAB
UCLA Center for Embedded Network Sensing
UCal San Diego Center for Wireless Research
Obstacle Mobility Project at UC Santa Barbara [added 1/21/04]
Sensor Web ARO MURI on large arrays of microsensors [added 10/7/04]
Autonomous Networks Research Group at U. Southern California [added 10/22/04]
Stanford Mobile Computing Group
Wireless Systems Lab at Stanford
U. Surrey Centre for Communications Systems Research [updated 3/28/05]
Distributed Computing Group at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich [added 4/6/05]
Swiss National Center of Competence in Research on Mobile Info. and Comm. Systems
Center for Research in Wireless Mobility and Networking, U. Texas Arlington
Wireless Networking and Communications Group at U. Texas, Austin
Victoria Research Laboratory [added 10/22/04]
Network of Embedded Systems (NEST) project at U. Virginia [added 10/22/04]
VA Tech Center for Wireless Telecommunications
VA Tech Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group
Center for Geospatial Information Technology at Virginia Tech [added 1/20/04]
Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF)
Center for Wireless Information Network Studies (CWINS) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute [added 5/21/04]

Aerial mesh networking guide [added 6/8/04]
Aerocomm 900 MHz FHSS ad hoc networking radios [updated 3/24/06]
Ascentry 802.11b mesh network "breadcrumbs" [added 3/24/05]
Associativity Based Routing (ABR)
Ad Hoc Networking for air traffic control (paper) [added 7/19/04]
Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV)
AODV IPv6 [added 6/30/05]
Autonet ad hoc IT for traffic networks [added 7/21/04]
BelAir point-to-point mesh networks [added 5/7/04]
BTNodes ad hoc network prototyping hardware [added 2/9/04]
Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) [added 5/17/04]
Colligo ad hoc networking for PDAs, laptops
Density- and Asymmetry-adaptive Wireless Network (DAWN)
Dust Networks mesh networks for sensors [added 6/28/04]
Firetide wireless instant networks [added 12/9/03]
Green Packet mobile IP solutions
The Grid Ad Hoc Mobile Networking Protocol --rooftop system at MIT
IRTF RRG Ad hoc Network Scaling Research Subgroup
Kiyon wired and wireless autonomic networks [added 3/16/04]
Cross-layer optimization project at K. U. Leuven
Locust World community mesh networks [added 7/21/04]
LUNAR ad hoc routing below IP
MeshAP over Bluetooth
MeshDynamics software [added 12/31/03]
Comparison of mesh architectures from MeshDynamics [added 12/14/04]
mesh networking white paper [added 2/24/04]
Mesh Networks hardware and software
Millenial Net ad hoc wireless sensor networking hardware [added 1/3/05]
Mobile Agents project at MIT
Mobile Mesh
MobileRoute wireless ad hoc routing protocol software
Motorola mobile mesh technology [added 10/25/05]
NIST mobile ad hoc network security project [added 4/19/05]
Nokia presentation on wireless mesh networks [added 6/9/04]
NovaRoam wireless routers
Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR)
OrderOne Networks scalable ad hoc networks [added 10/26/04]
PacketHop mesh networking [added 12/2/03]
Random Trip mobility model [added 11/15/04]
Richochet MicroCellular Data Network for mobile Internet access
RoamAD Wi-Fi infrastructure systems (3G, mesh) [added 12/6/04]
Sensoria mesh networking equipment [added 3/24/06]
Strix Systems meshed WLANs [added 5/7/04]
Topology Broadcast based on Reverse-Path Forwarding (TBRPF) [updated 6/4/04]
Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm (TORA)
Trango broadband wireless [added 10/25/05]
Tropos Networks wireless (cellular, mesh) backhaul for WiFi networks [added 5/7/04]
Uppsala University AODV Implementation
Wikipedia list of ad hoc protocol implementations
WINGS multihop access to Internet
Downloadable Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) implementation [added 4/25/05]

ANALYSIS See also our pages
Citeseer on drawing graphs
CoPlot drawing and graphing software --includes animation [added 12/16/03]
Graph visualization tools
H3 Viewer
NetViz network visualization software
Network Universe
OriginLab scientific graphing software [added 12/16/03]
Visualization of mobile ad hoc networks
ViTAN Visualization Tool for Ad Hoc Networks

Antenex mobile, portable, and base station antennas
Antenna Factor chip antennas
Antenna pattern plotter software from the FCC
Antenova directive antennas for wireless systems
Artem antenna guide (PDF) [added 12/16/04]
CelClear system for nulling interference to adjacent cells using transmitter array article
Centurion multiband antennas and batteries
Ceramic chip antennas
ClearPath disguised antennas [added 11/22/04]
Decibel [updated 1/21/04]
Do-It-Yourself Wi-Fi antennas [added 6/30/05]
Electro-Metrics wideband antennas [added 2/4/05]
Etenna embedded antennas
Ethertronics embedded antennas
Johanson 2.45 MHz chip antennas
Kaval indoor antennas and repeaters [added 12/10/03]
M2 Antenna Systems [added 2/9/05]
MaxRad antennas for wireless applications
Mobile Mark communications antennas
Nearson wireless antennas
Pacific Wireless antennas
Paratek smart scanning antennas [updated 1/21/04]
Pringles can antenna [added 1/31/05]
REMEC broadband fixed wireless antennas, transceivers
RF Connectors guide [added 2/14/05]
RF connector series descriptions [added 2/14/05]
RF connector specifications [added 2/14/05]
S.M. Electronics connectors and other parts [added 4/12/04]
Tech Tips from RFI
Ritron on-site repeaters
Seavey antennas
SkyCross multiband, UWB antennas
Tensolite wire, RF connectors, cables

ASSOCIATIONS and INTEREST GROUPS (see also Home Networking)
1394 Trade Association (Firewire) [added 3/23/04]
3G Americas (GSM family of wireless technologies) [updated 1/28/04]
ACM Sigmobile
American Mobile Telecommunications Assoc. --SMR community [added 12/5/03]
American Radio Relay League (ARRL) [added 12/10/03]
Assoc. of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) [added 12/18/03]
Broadband Wireless Alliance [added 12/10/03]
Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Assoc. [added 12/10/03]
Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) [added 2/18/04]
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) [added 7/15/04]
CEA SIG on public alert [added 7/15/04]
DECT Forum (Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications) [added 4/21/04]
Digital Home Working Group [added 3/23/04]
Enterprise Wireless Assn. (EWA, merger of ITA and AMTA) --license holders [updated 4/5/05]
IDB Forum (automotive version of IEEE-1394) [added 12/2/03]
IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
International Foundation for Telemetering [added 12/1/03]
Mobitex Operators Association (MOA) [added 4/22/04]
Multiband OFDM Alliance [added 3/23/04]
Near Field Communication Forum (NFC) [added 6/1/04]
Open Mobile Alliance seeking open standards and interoperability
Personal Radio Steering Group --users of licensed spectrum [added 3/25/04]
Private Wireless Forum [added 6/1/04]
Radio Club of America [added 3/24/04]
Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA)
SMS Forum [added 2/10/04]
Software-Defined Radio Forum
TETRA MoU (European trunking standard) [added 2/25/04]
Uniform Code Council --bar codes, RFID standards [added 6/22/04]
UMTS Forum [added 2/10/04]
UMTS World (WCDMA) [added 2/10/04]
United Telecom Council --Utilities community [added 12/5/03]
USB Implementers' Forum (Universal Serial Bus) [added 3/23/04]
USENIX (Advanced Computing System Association) [added 2/10/05]
WiMAX Forum to promote wireless broadband access [updated 1/28/04]
WiMedia Alliance --high speed personal area networks [added 3/23/04]
Wireless Anarchy project --free wireless Internet access
Wireless Communications Association International (WCA) -- wireless broadband [added 4/19/04]
Wireless Ready Alliance (CDPD) [added 12/10/03]
Wireless Strategic Initiative--3G
Wireless World Research Forum--4G

Computer networks course
Computing Research Repository (CoRR)
Connectivity Knowledge Platform [added 12/11/03]
Diffuse Project guide to mobile data communication standards
ePanorama telephone technology page [added 4/16/04]
Glossary of Telecommunications
email and chat abbreviations [added 3/1/04]
emoticon definitions [added 3/23/04]
Free Online Dictionary of Computing
IP telephony dictionary [added 12/11/03]
U Louisiana Information Networks Glossary
Network Design and Research--Networking Terms
Packet radio (Virtual Library)
RF Cafe
Reading list on sensor networks at Duke [added 10/22/04]
Sensor Network Links at UC Davis [added 10/22/04]
Sensor Networks Bibliography at Rutgers [added 10/22/04]
Sensor Networks Bibliography at USC [added 10/22/04]
Serial data formats [added 6/23/04]
VoIP protocols [added 5/24/04]
VoIP references on Ohio State site [added 5/24/04]

BLUETOOTH, ZIGBEE, OTHER WPANs (see also Home Networking)
Airbee WPAN products [added 5/20/04]
Appairent 802.15.3 radio evaluation system [added 1/22/04]
Atmel Zigbee transceivers and controllers [added 1/22/04]
Bar code reader using BT technology
Bluetooth articles
Bluetooth SIG Web Page
BlueHoc simulation code for NS-2
Chipcon Zigbee transceiver chips [added 1/22/04]
Cirronet Zigbee modules and terminals [updated 4/17/06]
Coexistence solutions for Bluetooth, WiFi
CompXs Zigbee development tools [added 1/22/04]
Crossbow Zigbee mote development kits [added 3/17/04]
Ember Zigbee products and development tools [added 3/17/04]
Ericsson Bluetooth components
Freescale ZigBee products [added 4/17/06]
Helicomm ZigBee wireless IP modules [added 3/14/05]
IEEE 802.15 Working Group on WPANs
Innovative Wireless Technologies ZigBee module [added 3/17/04]
Integration Zigbee Solutions [added 4/17/06]
Jennic ZigBee radio chips [updatded 3/17/04]
L. S. Research ZigBee wireless modules Zigbee Solutions [added 4/17/06]
Lemos International RS-232 Bluetooth adapters [added 4/4/05]
Luxoft Labs ZigBee development products [added 4/17/06]
Low-rate WPAN chipsets
MaxStream 2.4GHz Zigbee modules [added 4/27/05]
MeshDynamics self configuring multihop wireless mesh for WPANs [added 1/8/04]
MeshNetics wireless sensor technology [added 1/26/06]
Microchip Zigbee development kit [added 12/16/04]
Motorola Zigbee products [added 1/22/04]
Ntru Aerolink WPAN solutions [added 5/20/04]
Silicon Labs ZigBee products [added 4/17/06]
Telegesis Zigbee radio modules [added 1/26/06]
Ten X wireless technology [added 1/26/06]
WiMedia Alliance faster relative of Bluetooth [added 1/22/04]
Wireless USB [added 12/2/03]
ZigBee Alliance low-power, slower relative of BlueTooth [updated 1/22/04]
ZigBee Presentation
ZMD Zigbee chips [added 1/22/04]
Article on Zigbee design [added 3/8/05]
ZMD WPAN/Zigbee products [added 4/20/06]


DOT Intelligent Vehicle Initiative [added 5/21/04]
FCC Office of Engineering & Technology
FCC: Part 15 rules for unlicensed RF devices
FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force
FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Federal Wireless Users Forum [added 12/10/03]
Interagency Board (IAB)
IRAC (Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee)
ITU web page FAQs on ISM bands [added 9/9/05]
National Communications System
NOAA High Performance Computing and Communications
NTIA Office of Spectrum Management (OSM)
NRL Communications Systems Branch
Private Radio Regulation
Public Safety Division of OSM [added 12/10/03]
RTCA committee on personal electronic devices on aircraft
U. S. Army CECOM

GPS, localization, and E-911
Atmel GPS chips supporting indoor operation [added 9/8/05]
Axiom Navigation
Bell Labs article on wireless-assisted GPS
CellPoint mobile location service [added 7/1/04]
CEVA A-GPS chip [added 7/1/04]
Differential GPS student report
E911 home page at FCC
GPS overview [added 6/15/05]
GPS Time publications [added 2/3/04]
GPS World magazine
Global Locate Assisted GPS solutions
Indoor GPS article
Indoor GPS products [updated 3/31/05]
Institute of Navigation (ION)
Motorola GPS chips [added 2/3/04]
NMEA data formats for GPS data [added 6/15/05]
NovAtel GPS systems and devices [added 2/3/05]
OEM boards and chipsets
Place Lab location using Wi-Fi [added 7/6/04]
Polaris Wireless Location Signature technology [added 3/16/04]
Quatech GPS receivers and software [updated 5/16/05]
Rosum TV-GPS indoor localization [added 3/22/06]
Satellite Navigation and Positioning Group at U. New South Wales
SiRF GPS chips [added 2/23/04]
SnapTrack (Qualcomm) wireless location solutions
Southwest Research Institute
Table of companies developing E911 solutions
Trimble GPS products [added 2/3/05]
TruePosition U-TDOA technology [added 12/10/03]
u-blox GPS systems [added 9/8/05]
US Wireless location pattern matching solution
WGS84 World Geodetic System 1984 [added 6/15/05]

BatiBus networking (Europe)
CEBus Home Plug and Play
Consumer Electronics Association
DECT Forum
Digital Home Working Group [added 1/9/04]
EDN article [added 1/9/04]
EIB home and building automation
European Home Systems Association
Home Director home networking solutions [added 1/9/04]
Home Networks project at Intel
Home Phoneline Networking Alliance
HomePlug Powerline Alliance
HomeRF Resource Center [updated 11/8/04]
How to buy home networking [added 12/10/03]
ISO/IEC Home System Working Group
Internet Home Alliance
Konnex Association (Europe)
LonWorks home networking solutions
Online reading on DECT
Phonex over-electrical-wiring broadband modems
UPnP Forum (universal plug & play) [added 1/9/04]
X-10 home automation solutions

AirToolz Software for construction site management using mobile communications
Savi RFID system

Accidental Publicist --Michael Arnone article in FCW on hidden info in documents [added 4/18/06]
critique of movie physics [added 12/19/03]
Datamath calculator museum [added 1/11/06]
electronic air cleaner kills rubber in your home! [added 10/18/05]
Flag Free --keep your flag untangled [added 3/25/05]
Future of the Book [added 3/23/05]
HP calculator museum [added 1/11/06]
i, cringely commentary on computers and technology [added 12/2/03]
Is greed good? --article [added 3/1/04]
IT humor [added 1/3/05]
MIT Inventor's Handbook [added 11/17/05]
moniT --Portugese study of EM radiation effects [updated 3/23/05]
Nigerian email scammers: "I will eat your dollars" [added 11/23/05]
No patents. No kidding. EE Times opinion piece [added 4/11/06]
Reed's Locus --open spectrum, scaling, etc.
TETRA Watch --protest organization [added 2/3/04]
What are a few fingers worth? EDN article on electronics safety solutions vs. economics [added 4/13/05]
World Clock meeting planner [added 4/11/05]

ATT Find Friends
Context awareness paper [added 7/2/04]
Coordinate Translation Calculator [added 11/29/05]
Cyberguide program [added 7/2/04]
Digital Angel personal tracking and monitoring system
Elpas local positioning systems
Fugawi Global Navigator software [added 11/29/05]
GeoCalc converter and distance calculator [added 11/29/05]
Geodetic calculation methods [added 11/29/05]
Geographical information systems (Cornell lecture) [added 11/30/05]
GPS coordinate converter [added 11/29/05]
GPS coordinate explanation [added 11/29/05]
GPS Resource Library [added 11/29/05]
GPS tools [added 11/29/05]
GSP Vizualizer --convert address to coordinates [added 11/29/05]
GPS and Wireless Location Technology
High-tech child safety using location technology
iVerified school bus and student locator
Kid locator watch
mapAmobile position tracking
Mimosa Project --European project to "make ambient intelligence a reality by developing a mobile-phone centric open technology platform" [added 4/3/06]
National Map from USGS [added 11/29/05]
Navigation services over phones
OnStar GPS & cellular-based auto tracking and monitoring system  Article [corrected 12/4/03]
Place Lab [added 1/28/05]
Q-Track Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging [added 10/28/04]
RFID Radar concept from Trolley Scan Ltd [added 9/22/05]
SafeTzone child location system
Sattel wide-area family security system [added 1/3/05]
Smart-Its project [added 7/2/04]
TechnoCom location-based services [added 11/20/03]
UTM coordinates explanation [added 11/29/05]
UTM grid system [added 11/30/05]

Asymptotic notation online unit conversion [added 11/29/05]
Introduction to Graph Algorithms
Math Pages
MathSciNet, math reviews and searches
Probability and statistics glossary
The R Project for Statistical Computing (free software environment for statistics and graphing) [added 5/25/06]
Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
World of Mathematics

10 wireless news
3G Newsroom [added 2/26/04]
The 3G Portal
802.11b news
The 802.11 Report
Broadband Wireless Exchange [added 12/10/03]
Broadband Wireless Online
CommWeb, the TeleCom Pipeline [added 3/24/04]
CRN news for VARs and technology integrators [added 2/9/04]
Daily Wireless [added 7/19/04]
Directions GIS news [added 12/10/03]
EDN Magazine [added 1/9/04]
EE Times
Electronic Design
Engitek --"The Engineers Portal"
FCC history page [added 2/23/04]
Federal Computer Week --includes white paper library on industry
Gizmodo --The gadgets weblog [added 12/9/03]
GMRS web magazine (general mobile radio service) [added 3/25/04]
Government Computer News --wireless/mobile section [added 3/17/04]
Government Technology
High Frequency Electronics
High Tech Aid Courier --RFID news [added 6/22/04]
InformIT [added 3/23/04]
Instant Messaging Planet [added 12/10/03]
In-Stat/MDR market research on all digital communications
Intel Technology Journal [added 11/22/05]
International Engineering Consortium online tutorials [added 2/10/04]
Land Mobile Online [added 3/25/04]
Microwave Journal
Mobile Data News --news related to Mobitex applications [corrected 1/8/04]
Mobile Radio Technology
Mobile Village [added 2/26/04]
Muniwireless reports on municipal wireless and broadband projects [added 2/23/04]
New Scientist [added 7/6/04]
Noble Publishing --books, videos, software [updated 5/13/04]
PDA Comparison [added 2/16/05]
Portable Design [added 4/26/06] history and tutorials [added 2/25/04]
Radio-Electronics.Com [added 8/15/05]
RADIOnews [added 10/24/05] [added 3/25/04]
Radio Resource Online [added 12/10/03]
RCR Wireless News [added 2/26/04]
RF Cafe
RF Design
RFIDalert [added 6/4/04]
RFID Gazette [added 6/4/04]
RFID Journal [added 12/16/03]
RFID News and Solutions [added 3/23/05]
Rune's LMR Links [updated 8/25/04]
Security Info Watch [added 10/28/05]
Spectrum Resellers news
Spread Spectrum Scene
Technology Research News
TECHtionary [added 8/25/04]
TelecomEval [added 7/6/04]
Unstrung wireless industry news
UWB Insider [added 12/19/03]
Wi-Fi Networking News [updated 5/17/04]
WiFi Planet news [updated 5/13/04]
WiFi telephony news [added 12/11/03]
Wired news
Wireless Design and Development [added 4/30/04]
Wireless Developer Network [added 3/24/04]
Wireless Dictionary [added 1/14/05]
The Wireless Dispatch news about wireless networking and accessories [added 1/24/05]
Wireless Newsfactor [added 12/10/03]
Wireless Review
Wireless Systems Design
Wireless Week
Zatz articles on ad hoc networks [added 2/22/05]

PROPAGATION See also our pages
Cellular Design Services measurement-based prediction [added 2/3/04]
CelPlan propagation and system planning software
Comsearch fixed wireless propagation software
EDX propagation and site planning software for PCs
Indoor propagation article
InnerWireless broadband indoor wireless solution [added 11/29/05]
Institute of Telecommunication Sciences
Propagation: collection of information on the physics of propagation
Propagation Models: a good summary
Radio Mobile free propagation software
Radio Society of Great Britain: Propagation Studies Committee
RadioSoft radio mapping technology [added 7/7/04]
Radiowave Propagation: home page of the IEEE VT-S Propagation Committee
RCC site planning and management software
SoftWright RF propagation and radio design software
Statistical Propagation Modeling for Cellular Systems: tutorial on ground mobile radio propagation
Survey Technologies mobile signal measurement and analysis [added 9/13/04]
TIREM land/sea propagation model [added 6/22/04]
Urbana 3-D Wireless Toolkit
VHF/UHF/Microwave Radio Propagation: A Primer for Digital Experimenters
Wireless InSite propagation model software white papers

RFID and ASSET TRACKING New: Our presentation on RFID
ACG RFID reader card [added 12/14/04]
ActiveWave RFID solutions [added 12/14/04]
AeroScout visibility solutions (TDOA asset tracking over WLAN) [added 6/30/04]
Applied Wireless ID [added 2/7/05]
Article on RFID in retail applications [added 6/21/04]
Assoc. for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM) [added 2/14/05]
Auto-ID Lab at MIT [added 6/21/04]
Auto-ID labs for RFID technology [added 6/21/04]
Axcess personnel and asset tracking [added 1/28/05]
Blackbay handheld RFID readers with Bluetooth [added 5/11/06]
BT Auto-ID [added 2/9/04]
Bulldog Technologies RFID-based container security [added 5/19/06]
CargoTel Internet and wireless logistics management systems [added 12/31/03]
Compact Flash RFID reader [added 2/7/05]
Crosslink wireless asset tracking systems
Dynasys RFID one-source [added 2/7/05]
Ekahau WiFi positioning system [added 1/21/05]
Ember Corporation -- embedded wireless networking devices [modified 12/16/03]
Emergent Technology RFID solutions [added 6/22/04]
Exavera Technologies wireless networked RFID tracking [added 10/27/04]
G2 Microsystems Wi-Fi compatible RFID tags [added 5/16/06]
GAO report on RFID technology
Hermos PCMCIA card RFID reader [added 2/7/05]
HID Corp proximity products [updated 4/5/05]
High Tech AID RFID consultants, newsletter [added 11/9/04]
iButton alternative to RFID [added 2/13/04]
ID chips for lost pets
Identec Solutions based on active tags [added 5/23/06]
I.D.Systems wireless asset tracking [added 6/30/04]
Impinj RFID products [added 1/21/05]
Intermec portable RFID reader/writers [added 12/14/04]
Kiyon wireless RFID [added 12/31/03]
Nokia RFID reader for GSM phone [added 12/14/04]
OECD 2005 Conference on RFID and public policy [added 10/17/05]
Omron RFID products [added 5/15/06]
One Source Solutions PDA RFID reader/writers [added 12/14/04]
PanGo 802.11-based asset tracking [added 1/21/05]
U. Pittsburgh RFID Center of Excellence [added 10/20/05]
PM J-AIT military RFID project office [added 10/20/05]
Precision Dynamics RFID wristband systems [added 2/10/05]
Randall's RFID Page [added 2/14/05]
RedPrairie RFID solutions [added 6/17/05]
RF Code realtime asset and personnel tracking [added 10/26/05]
2Scoot RFID-based wireless shopping
rfidXchange [added 2/7/05]
RFID, Inc. [added 2/7/05]
RFID Journal [added 6/21/04] News [added 3/31/05]
RFID Reader [added 6/22/04]
RFID Standards (EPC) [added 6/21/04]
RFID technologies
RFID Times [added 2/7/05]
RFIDa: RFID and automated identification technology [added 11/22/04]
Tectus RFID and GPS solutions [added 7/27/04]
Samsys RFID technology [added 12/14/04]
Scanology bar code and RFID solutions [added 10/17/05]
Security of RFID test case [added 9/22/05]
Sentinel ID Systems [added 2/7/05]
SIRIT RFID products [added 12/14/04]
SkyeTek RFID engineering [corrected 5/24/06]
SmartCode RFID tags and readers [added 2/9/05]
Symbol Technologies RFID products [added 12/14/04]
Syntek software engineering services for RFID systems [added 9/8/05]
Tagsys RFID readers and tags [added 5/23/06]
Tek RFID adapter for PDA [added 12/14/04]
Texas Instruments RFID products [added 12/14/04]
ThingMagic universal RFID reader technology [added 1/21/05]
Transponder News [added 2/10/05]
Using RFID daily news about RFID [added 3/23/05]
Verichip implantable ID chips
Wavetrend RFID systems [added 5/19/06]
U. Wisconsin-Madison RFID Working Group [added 9/19/05]
Villanova RFID lab [added 2/23/06]
WJ Communications RFID reader PCMCIA cards [added 2/7/05]
ZMD RFID transponder chips [added 1/22/04]

AirMagnet enterprise wireless intrusion protection and prevention solution [added 2/21/06]
Article on wireless aspects of video surveillance [added 10/28/05]
AirDefense wireless security software [added 1/28/05]
Airespace wireless intrusion detection and prevention [added 1/31/05]
AirTight Networks Wi-Fi firewall [added 1/31/05]
Fortress Technologies
Foundry Networks IronPoint wireless network security [added 1/31/05]
Funk Software
Information assurance research center at Iowa State
Internet and Security Terminology
Joint Experimentation Directorate (J9) secure wireless LAN (article) [added 10/20/05]
List of papers
Madge WLAN probe [added 2/16/05]
Network Chemistry WLAN intrusion protection [added 1/31/05]
Packetattack wireless security [added 1/31/05]
Safe Haven camera phone jammer
The SANS Institute --network security training and certification [added 3/24/04]
Security Glossary of Terms
Security Terms
Vernier Networks WLAN security infrastructure systems [added 1/30/04]
White paper library
Wireless security consultants
Wireless security e-commerce provider
Wireless security magazine
Wireless security products
Wireless security resource center (Intel) [added 2/13/04]
Wireless security white papers from Legra [added 2/17/04]
Wireless Wall security software
WLAN security
WLAN security, multi-standard integration

ATEMU sensor network simulator at U. Maryland
Bulldog Technologies wireless cargo security solutions [added 6/17/05]
Connect One modem chips with TCP/IP, SMTP, etc.
Crossbow sensor networks
Dust Networks sensor networks [updated 2/2/06]
EnOcean batteryless wireless sensor products [added 6/28/05]
Ethernet Industrial Protocol (Ethernet/IP) products [added 2/13/04]
IEEE 1451 article
IEEE 1451 sensor interface standard
Industrial Ethernet presentation [added 2/13/04]
InterSense inertial sensors for 3D simulation [added 2/6/06]
Invocon wireless instrumentation sensors [added 6/28/04]
Machine Talker sensor networking
MANTIS project at U. Colorado at Boulder [added 12/31/03]
Melexis RFIC components for RFID
MicroStrain sensors for wireless networks [updated 3/24/06]
Millennial wireless sensor networking [added 4/12/04]
Nova Roam sensor networks
O-Navi inertial sensors [added 2/2/06]
Pico Radio project at Berkeley
RF modules, transmitters, and receivers
Routing protocols for sensor networks (MIT) [added 10/22/04]
Sensicast wireless sensor networking [added 6/17/05]
Sensors Magazine (including wireless sensors) [updated 5/17/06]
Smart Dust project at Berkeley
Smart Signals Corporation sensor monitoring system [added 10/26/05]
Smart Wireless Environments
Survey of wireless technology for sensors
TandD wireless and IP data loggers [added 9/27/05]
TinyOS Forum [added 10/22/04]
uAMPS project at MIT
Wireless initiative at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Uppsala University Ad Hoc Protocol Evaluation Testbed (APE)
ATEMU sensor network simulator at U. Maryland
Chariot network traffic emulator and measurement software
Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
U Delaware models of urban propagation and mobility for wireless studies [added 5/15/06]
DoD Modeling and Simulation Analysis Information Center
Java in Simulation Time (JiST) network simulator from Cornell [added 4/15/04]
J-Sim component-based network simulator from Ohio State and U. Illinois [added 9/12/05]
Navy Modeling and Simulation Management Office
NETO, the distributed sensor network simulator
Network in a Box (NAB) ad hoc network simulator [added 4/6/04]
The Network Simulator NS-2
Network Simulators and Related Links
Network Warfare Simulation
NIST CSRC MANET simulation tools [added 5/15/06]
OMNeT++ discrete event simulator
Remcom simulation tools [added 6/22/04]
SimPack Toolkit
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization [added 12/17/03]
Simulationist's Code of Ethics [added 12/17/03]
SSFNet (Scalable Simulation Framework)
Staged Network Simulator (SNS) [added 2/19/04]
STK communication simulation tools [added 6/22/04]
TeleSim Project
U. Toronto indoor propagation models [added 12/16/04]
Tracegraph NS-2 trace files analyzer [added 1/11/06]
Tutorial on discrete event simulation
US Army Virtual Proving Ground [added 6/22/04]
Wireless system planning tools [added 1/20/04]
Wireless Valley wireless network planning tools [added 1/20/04]
WiSE wireless system simulator [added 1/20/04]
Workshop on simulation of wireless and mobile systems

Allocation of spectrum in the US [added 10/21/05]
Spectrum policy article

Common Public Radio Interface [added 2/3/04]
Comparison of wireless standards [added 9/10/04]
Consumer Electronics Association standards activities [updated 2/4/05]
Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) [added 5/14/04]
EPCglobal (RFID standards) [added 5/20/04]
ETSI (Europe)
Guide to mobile communications data standards [updated 2/4/05]
IEEE 802.11 Committee home page
IEEE 802.15 Working Group on WPANs
IEEE Wireless Standards
IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force)
in-Code Telecom wireless test lab [updated 2/4/05]
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) [added 5/14/04]
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) [added 5/14/04]
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) [added 2/3/04]
Javvin's map of communication protocols
MANET working group of the IETF
National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) [added 6/15/05]
News IQ wireless certification lab [added 7/15/04]
PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) [added 2/3/04]
Rosetta Net --e-business standards [added 6/22/04]
SC31 --AIDC techniques [added 6/22/04]
Siemens white paper on cellular standards [added 9/10/04]
Specification and Description Language (SDL) [added 12/2/03]
SS7 Tutorial from Performance Technologies [added 11/23/05]
Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)
Third Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2) (cdma2000) [added 2/3/04]
TIA [added 4/16/04]
Washington Laboratories, Ltd. EMI/EMC, wireless certification testing [added 10/29/04]
Wireless standards chart
Wireless USB [added 3/24/06]
WLAN Smart Card Consortium [added 2/3/04]

Aether Wire & Location, Inc.
Alereon [added 3/23/04]
Avtech sub-nanosecond pulse generators
Focus Enhancements UWB chips for video transmission [added 1/12/05]
Furaxa UWB pulse shaping DSP [added 5/3/04]
IDA UWB technology summary
Intelligent Automation
ITS UWB Signal Characterization Project [added 12/3/03]
Links to UWB sites
Market research report on UWB
Motorola UWB applications [added 3/23/04]
Multispectral Solutions, Inc.
NETEX Project
New Zealand spectrum policy on UWB [added 4/20/05]
Next-RF UWB antenna consulting services
Pulse-Link UWB solutions
Que-Wave UWB "entry kits" [added 5/21/04]
Staccato Communications [added 3/23/04]
Time Domain Corporation
UltRa Lab at USC
Ultrawideband Planet
UWB Group at Berkeley
UWB Working Group
Wisair UWB chipsets [added 9/19/05]
Xtreme Spectrum

Article on wireless data options [updated 7/15/04]
online book on CDPD [added 2/9/04]
info on CDPD modems [added 2/9/04]
Sierra CDPD primer [added 12/8/03]
CDPD protocols [added 2/9/04]
CDPD suppliers [corrected 12/11/03]
WRA CDPD tutorial [added 12/10/03]
Cellular network infrastructure SMS and CDPD
DataRadio solutions [updated 4/2/04]
Enhanced Throughput Cellular (ETC) modem protocol
eXOS coherent informatics solutions
Flash-OFDM from Flarion [added 12/31/03]
Frame Relay Services
Internet CDMA
IPMobileNet [added 7/8/04]
Metric Systems wireless networking equipment and solutions [added 7/12/04]
Mobile Basics
mobile messaging article [added 3/4/04]
Mobile Streams web info on SMS, MMS [added 4/16/04]
Mobitex packet data network and services [updated 12/11/03]
Motient --provider of MobileModem, Blackberry wireless data services
Multimedia Message Service (MMS) [added 4/16/04]
Neulink wireless data solutions [added 4/4/05]
Novatel CDPD description [added 12/8/03]
Open Sky voice/IP over trunked radio
PSTN and ISDN configurations
Radio IP software for narrowband radios [added 1/21/04]
Telecom Resources Guide
Three-Five Systems 802.11a wireless monitors [added 7/23/04]
US Robotics analog cellular laptop modem
USURF America wireless broadband facilities provider [added 5/13/04]
WebPort for telephony and telebusiness sites
X.25 Services

802.11a/g/b chip set
Absolute Value Systems (AVS) WLAN custom product designs [added 1/31/05]
Agere WLAN products (WaveLan)
Airespace WLAN solutions [added 6/30/04]
Air Magnet WLAN monitoring, surveying software [added 12/6/04]
AiroPeek WLAN monitoring software [added 12/6/04]
AirSnort WLAN security monitoring software [added 12/6/04]
AirWave intelligent WLAN network management [added 2/1/05]
Alvarion (Breezecom)
Anadigics 802.11 front-end chips (formerly RF Solutions) [updated 12/11/03]
Anritsu WLAN product integrated test set [added 4/30/04]
Antennas for WLANs [added 12/9/03]
Aruba Wireless Networks WLANs and RF management tools [added 1/31/05]
AutoCell self-configuring WLAN [added 11/8/04]
Azimuth WLAN test system [added 5/17/04]
Berkeley Varitronics WLAN test equipment [added 3/25/04]
Bluesocket WLAN security and management tools [added 1/31/05]
Article on wireless bridging using 802.11 access points [added 7/14/04]
Cisco wireless products [added 6/21/04]
Cognio intelligent WLAN products [added 4/29/04]
Comarco Wi-Fi Analyzer [added 11/15/04]
Comparison of WLAN cards [added 1/5/05]
Complementary Code Keying used in 802.11b [UserID/Pwd=guest/guest] [updated 12/11/03]
CWNA study guide for 802.11 [added 3/4/04]
DPAC industrial 802.11 solutions [added 4/7/04]
Ekahau WLAN site survey software [added 4/5/04]
Engim wideband 802.11 chip sets for multichannel transmission and monitoring [added 1/31/05]
Extended Range WLAN chips
Extended Range WLAN example application
Fluke Networks testing, monitoring, and planning solutions [added 3/25/04]
Guides Central free online network setup advice [updated 8/20/04]
HP home networking [updated 12/11/03]
HP wireless solutions [added 4/1/04]
IEEE 802.11 Committee home page
The Online Industrial Ethernet Book [added 9/29/04]
Legra WLAN switching solutions [added 2/17/04]
Linksys WLAN products [added 7/14/04]
Meru Networks converged WLAN infrastructure [added 1/31/05]
MobiComm military version of 802.11 [added 10/13/04]
Motorola Canopy wireless broadband access [added 6/10/04]
Netopia Wi-Fi solutions [added 7/15/04]
NetStumbler WiFi news [added 11/17/04]
NetStumbler WiFi monitoring software [added 11/17/04]
Network Instruments monitoring software [added 1/31/05]
OpenAP --converts 802.11 access point to wireless Internet bridge (relay)
Practically Networked [added 7/14/04]
Propagate Networks self-configuring WiFi networks [added 4/29/04]
Proxim WiFi products (formerly RangeLan) [updated 12/11/03]
Soft WiFi from Microsoft
Symbol Technology WLAN and mobility management
TerraWave Wi-Fi solutions [added 1/29/04]
Tropos indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cells [updated 11/22/05]
US Robotics 802.11-compatible cards with 22 Mbps
US Robotics wireless LAN PC card
VeriWave WLAN conformance test system [added 5/5/04]
Victoria Wireless wireless network solutions [added 8/10/04]
Voice over WLAN information [added 12/9/03]
Wardriving Tools and Utilities [added 1/24/05]
Wi Fi Alliance
Wi-Fi Hotspots directory [added 1/20/04]
Wi-Fi Networking News [added 12/9/03]
Wi-Fi Planet [added 12/9/03]
WiFi Talk [added 6/28/04]
Wi-LAN [added 12/2/03]
WildPackets network monitoring and analysis solutions [added 1/31/05]
Wireless LAN: a summary of IEEE 802.11 [updated 12/11/03]
Wireless LAN Linux Resources [added 7/27/04]
Wireless LANs: a downloadable survey of wireless network systems by Edward C. Prem, Ohio State University
Wireless Valley WLAN simulation, measurement and modeling products
WLAN case study
WLAN - Cellular roaming using VoIP [added 1/29/04]
Article on WLAN design
WLAN hardware comparisons [added 2/17/05]
WLAN network management products from Vernier [added 1/30/04]
Test report: on WLAN performance
WLAN planning and deployment [added 2/17/05]
WLAN radio connector reference [added 2/14/05]
WLAN receiver sensitivity [added 2/17/05]
WLAN test equipment from Berkeley Varitronics
WLAN white papers
ZyXEL 802.11b products [added 7/14/04]

Adcon spread spectrum radios
AeroComm wireless data radios
Agilent Application Notes
Alion Science and Technology wireless communication tools [added 10/26/05]
Analog Devices design resources
Andrew distributed comm. solutions
Apprion cross-wireless standard "multiplexer" [added 2/28/06]
BPL (broadband over power line) tutorial [added 1/9/04]
Bug-Buster wireless camera and audio detector [added 2/19/04]
Cambridge Consultants wireless product development [added 9/13/04]
Carlson Wireless RuralConnect WLL system
case studies [added 2/13/04]
CerfCubes and other device development technology
Cirronet industrial and Internet access wireless products [added 2/9/05]
CMOS Radio article
Connexion airliner WLAN [added 1/7/05]
Course Outline on wireless networking, with references
Cybiko "wireless inter-tainment computer"
Cypress Wireless USB [updated 3/24/06]
Defacto Wireless distributors of wireless networking components [added 3/8/05]
Digital receiver tutorial
E2213-02 (802.11 R/A) vehicular communications standard
Flarion IP telephony products [updated 2/6/04]
FOMA (Freedom Of Mobile multimedia Access) --Japanese WCDMA services [added 2/3/04]
Freescale MXC chip for adding wireless networking [added 4/4/05]
Geode Origami--multimedia wireless
GNU Radio [added 10/8/04]
Honeywell Advanced Microwave Components
Honeywell radio-on-a-chip
Lemos International low power radio modules (Bluetooth, GPS,...) [added 4/6/04]
Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) FAQs
Magnetic induction for short range comms
Maxstream OEM frequency hopping radios for control, networking
Microwave Data Systems
Mobile/Cellular Technology [added 12/10/03]
Mobilewise solution for "last wire" [added 12/19/03]
Omnicor network testing tools [added 5/24/04]
Otek Corporation wireless transceivers for industrial control
Palidor Radio Consultants [added 12/10/03]
Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) [added 2/3/04]
Radix handheld computers [added 12/17/03]
RF Micro Devices
Simulcast Solutions
TechnoConcepts true software radio [added 2/7/05]
Teligy wireless communications technology development tools [added 5/9/06]
Comparison of conventional and trunked communications
Vanu SDR on Comaq iPAQ [added 4/4/05]
Verizon push to talk FAQ [added 3/24/04]
Article on Walkie-Talkies [added 4/30/04]
WebSphere wireless solutions from IBM
WirelessCar telematics solutions [added 12/2/03]
Wireless Interactive online directory of vendors [added 6/10/04]
Wireless Electricity Seminar
Wireless FAQ [added 4/5/04]
Wireless IP-PBX solutions from NEC [added 12/19/03]
Wireless RS-232 modules [added 3/25/04]

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